SFSHousing FAQs

Questions Answers
Q: Any single occupancy rooms? A: All rooms at SFSHousing are shared; minimum number of people is a Double.
Q:  Can I pick my roommates? A: Pairing. The SFSHousing does not pair nor match people; everything is first come, first serve.
Q: How do I make a reservation? A: In order to make a reservation, your application must be approved and the move-in costs (including application processing fee) need to be submitted.
Q: What can I bring? A: Two large bags.
Q: Parking? A: None available.
Q: Can I bring my bike? A: Bike rack available.
Q: Laundry? A: Laundry is right next door.
Q: How can I pay my rent? A: Card or check; no cash.
Q: Are utilities included? A: Yes
Q: Do you provide additional storage? A: $25/bag/month.
Q: Is the neighborhood safe? A: Yes, just be aware of your surroundings (like with any big city.)
Q: I’m not currently enrolled. Can I still apply? A: Yes
Q: I’m an international student with no guarantor. Can I still apply? A: Two cards are needed on file.
Q: What’s provided in the kitchen? A: The kitchen is communal and has pots and pans available for use.
Q: What kitchen utensils should I bring? A: Fork, spoon, plates, knives.
Q: Meal plans provided? A: No
Q: Can I bring something to cook with in my room? A: No cooking is allowed in the room, including microwaves.
Q: How old do I have to be to live at SFSHousing? A: 18+